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With 25 years and teaching acumen we give an environment that is conducive, friendly and most rewarding place.

Over 25years of experience

Teaching People of All Ages, All Discipline Japanese Language for Academia, Career, Business Travel, & Fun

Friendly approach to learn the language, we welcome all ages any discipline are welcomed here to explore the Japanese Language and see how this could help in Academia or making a professional career, Jumpstarting the mid career progression or win over the customer.

Language is fascinating and it is not only to make a career but is also for Travel & Fun.

Language Certificates

Focused teachings to acquire JLPT certifications levels N5 to N1

Online Studies

Maximize potential to learn and study from any location with structured approach

25 Years of Excellence

Handholding and Helping the students and professionals to make a career

About US

Our Story

Giving is Caring!

Teaching is our DNA, We have been doing for over 25 years and will continue to guide and help the students, professional and business. During our journey we have come across many individuals who had a head start in there career. Our academy cohort has successfully made a career in Japan and are quite happy to lead ambitious individuals.


Why YES Japanese Academy


Over 25 years of Experience

25 years of experience in teaching and working on Japanese Language and projects


Trained over 1000 Students

Students to CEO’s – Worked with various levels of students and helped them to love the language


Offering Online with Few Like minded team

Online Class room sessions and one to one online lessons to support the each student pace of learning


Holistic and Innovative Sessions and Classes

Getting friendly and understanding the logic behind the language will help to love the language and be friend with it for the rest of your life.


Cohort and Active Mentoring by Alumni

Get Opportunity to communication with Cohort and walk together in this learning journey. Program for one to one mapping and mentoring by Alumni.

Turned into the sessions with no experience on language, but was take up with care and supportive and ended up in Japan with lots of opportunities

Srikanth – Entry Level Professional

Very Professional and quite supportive team to support me during my slow paced of learning, eventually won over it and got my certification. Thank you Sir.

Vamsi – IT Professional

With poor command over the English language, stepped into the institute, my negatives were my greatest positives, Could learn the language faster than anyone as it is similar to any Indian language. Kudos to the master who spent time in making me discover.

Sreya – Fresher Student

Learning Japanese language helped me to communicate with my client and win more business. Learning the language was really Fun and Quite Advantage for the business.

Karthik – CEO of a IT consultancy Company.

We had hired the Japanese Teacher to train our project team, the course was perfect and everyone learnt the language and 80% of them went and passed the Japanese Exam.

Sukanya– HR and Training Manager – IT Firm

Learning Japanese was very useful and a great advantage for my professional career. Now I have an opportunity to work in Japan and explore further.

Nitish –  Engineering Professional

Interesting Japanese Language Facts


Japanese is the ninth most spoken language in the world

Japanese is spoken by 125 million people, mainly in Japan, and nearly 4 million people are studying Japanese as a foreign language worldwide.

The Japanese name for Japan is Nihon, or Nippon, which translates as ‘land of the rising sun’.

Japanese uses three different alphabets: Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji.

Hiragana, which is a traditional Japanese alphabet; Katakana, another Japanese alphabet which is used for foreign words; and Kanji, which are Chinese characters, although the Japanese meaning is often different.

Japanese is one of the most unique languages of the world, in that it does not have any obvious links to any other languages.

Japanese has mysterious origins and there are numerous theories on how it emerged

The oldest known from of Japanese is Old Japanese, which was recorded when Chinese writing was first introduced in Japan. Chinese substantially influenced Japanese until the 12th century. Later, European traders and explorers introduced European words which were incorporated into Japanese.

The world’s first novel is still a landmark of Japanese literature

The world’s first novel is sometimes considered to be The Tale of Genji (源氏物語), written in the 11th century by Murasaki Shikibu, a noblewoman. Today, it has influenced modern authors such as the Argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges.

A number of Japanese words have been incorporated into everyday English

This is thanks to the popularity of Japanese culture in Western countries, including in the UK and the US. Examples include anime, bonsai, karaoke, origami, sudoku, tofu, tsunami and tycoon.

 Japanese is one of the world’s fastest spoken languages

Not only is Japan home to one of the most famous bullet trains, the Shinkansen (新幹線), but Japanese is also one of the world’s fastest spoken languages. Japanese has an average rate of 7.84 syllables per second, compared to 6.19 syllables per second for English and 5.18 syllables per second for Mandarin.

Get Inspired

Opportunities in Japan

Explore the Opportunities in Japan. Engineers, It Professionals have a great opportunity to work and mix with the Japan.

Learning Language is will help to boost the opportunity and ahead of the race.

Get Connected to a Mentor

Mentorship is a great way to get talk to people and get guidance on the various topics. From Professional Guide to Personal Guide it is always a best way to get to know and prepare before taking a plunge.

Our Teaching Methodology

With over years of experience we have developed some unique ways to teach the Language. This makes the learning more fun and involved.

The more the time you spend on the language the more you love it